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About Us
The company, Whayu Industrial Co. LTD, was incorporated since 1981, it is becoming as one of the largest professional antenna manufacturers in Asia region, by propelled development of wireless network industry. Whayu was headquartered in Hsinchu city, Taiwan, the manufacturing sites have 4 sites in Dongguan, Wujiang and Shanghai facilities, our marketing network is covered in Taipei, Hsinchu, Shanghai, Dongguan, Wujiang, Beijing, Nanjiang and Shamon cities.

Whayu is specialized and positioned in antenna OEM/ODM business, we continuously develop a diversified assortments of wireless antennas and they are being accepted by our valuable customers' applications, the variety of wireless antennas' development meets up with any demands of wireless products, they have WLAN/WiMAX, embedded for GPS, handheld, laptop computer as well as newest development of base station antenna, outdoor, DVB antennas. In providing more values to customers, we also can be able to furnish interconnection cable assembly, fiber optic cable assembly and RFID tag/antenna kit.

We'll be devoting to new product development and research in according with wireless communication growth, also, the company is working on long term core advantage of competitiveness against the wireless Industry's trend and perspective. We definitely are working on the wireless values to everyone's life and contribute our product or service towards, to enter the new era of wireless world of evolving up-to-date technologies and strategic alliance in the wireless market.

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